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Biking in Manhattan, are you Nuts?!

The only way to see the action is to be in the action. And NO we’re not nuts! We take biking and safety very seriously. Our tours run 75-90% on dedicated bike lanes and our groups are small with a maximum of 6 people. Your guide will tell you where you’re going at all times, and we obey all traffic laws, respect pedestrians and traffic. We also outfit our riders with reflective helmets and bands to give us the most visibility possible. Keep in mind we do ride on city streets so guests should feel comfortable riding next to cars and traffic amongst other bike traffic! Still worried, give us a call or shoot us an email.

What shall I bring along with me?

Extra cash for beverages, coffee and a tip for your guide! Also, be sure to check the weather and bring appropriate clothing for the heat, wind, rain or cold.

When shall I arrive?

Please arrive to meet 30 minutes prior to the tour start time at the designated location for a meet & greet and to be fitted for your bike and helmet. We push-off no later than the time as advertised.

What is your rain or bad weather policy?

Explore the Apple bike tours goes out in the rain unless it’s so stormy that it will hinder your ability to have SO MUCH FUN exploring New York City. Our bikes come with front and back fenders and we provide all our guests with ponchos. Additionally our tours also make frequent stops along the way so we’ll have opportunities to get off the bikes and dry off. Living in New York City has taught us that the weather can change quickly so we’ll make the decision to ride or not at the start time of the tour. Please show up on time and ready to ride! If we decide to cancel in advance we’ll give you the option to re-schedule or issue a full refund. Advanced cancellations will also be sent by text or call prior to meeting if the weather is seriously bad.

What do you mean by bike skill level?

Our top priority at Explore the Apple is to ensure safety while having fun. Our Bike Skill Level index is a way for YOU to gauge how comfortable you’ll be riding on any particular tour. The more skill required the more comfortable you should feel riding on city streets and bridges. Most tours are Novice to Intermediate, while climbing bridges and biking longer distances for the more Experienced. An Experienced Skill Level generally means you should feel comfortable riding on less bike lanes and through more city streets while experiencing a little more traffic with more potholes, cobblestones and street dividers. Bike lanes and cycling infrastructure in NYC has come a long way in the last couple of years but there’s still work to do on the East Side of Manhattan. We provide constant commentary and direction throughout the ride to ensure safety and let you know where we’re going and how we’re going to do it. Still not sure? CONTACT US and we’ll happily answer any additional questions!