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Discovery Awaits 

What is life without discovery? From the day that we are born we start to learn about this beautiful world that we live in. As we get older we start to take this for granted, as work school, or just plain life gets in the way. For some New York is just a big city filled with tall buildings, but for us, New York is our playground. We decided to start “Explore the Apple” because we realized that New York has so much to offer as far as activities, history, food and fun. We wanted to share the way that we look at New York with the rest of the world.

As kids we saw everything with new eyes, which made exploring a favorite past time for many of us. Our bike tours bring the fun back, by taking you off of a tour bus and putting you on a Brompton bike or Footbike to cruise the city and find out interesting facts about New York’s humble beginnings and what made it the power house it is today. We all need a bit of excitement in our lives and we feel like our tours can give you that and more.


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Street Art Bike Tour


Come journey with us into the little known artistic world of The Lower East SideLittle Italy & Chinatown on a bike tour adventure you’ll never forget. Relax as we glide along the streets of New York on comfortable and easy to ride Brompton bicycles, photographing amazing street art along the way. We’ll also share the history of graffiti and street art while uncovering who these amazing artists are as we weave our way up and down some of the most fascinating streets in Manhattan.

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NYC Pizza Bike & Bridges


The best way to explore New York is by bike, because you get to interact with the city in a way that feels more personal. On this tour we explore two things that New York is known for, its pizza and it’s bridges. And if you enjoy eating pizza as much as we do, you won’t leave our tour hungy!

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Customized Tours


Explore the Apple with a Customized Private Bike Tour! Allow our team of Experts to create something totally unique based on your interests, biking abilities and time considerations. Our GOAL is to make each tour a lasting memory by taking you off the beaten path where we can share our love, knowledge and hidden secrets of NYC with you.

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City Parks & Piers


New York has over 1,800 parks and piers! This should make you think twice about calling it the concrete jungle. Even though our city is full of skyscrapers, it still offers you the opportunity to disconnect from the city life and focus on nature. You will notice a beautiful balance of architecture and nature in some of the parks that we visit. The waterways we bike will take us back in time and remind us of those who traveled thousands of miles in search of a new life. However, beauty is not just skin deep and by learning the history of the parks and piers you get a better understanding of what makes them so special.

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Downtown & Chinatown



This is where it all started folks, everything that makes New York, well, New York. The hustle of downtown and Chinatown creates an energy that you are hard pressed to find anywhere else. Even today you can feel the spirit of determination to seek out unknown opportunities that people from thousands of miles away traveled here just to have a shot at. It was this attitude that made Ol’ Blue Eyes say “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere”.

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Sunset & City Lights



You know that expression “it’s like night and day”… that’s New York in a nutshell. It’s amazing to see how much the city changes at night… it’s almost like a dream world. To fully appreciate this, we decided to start this tour at sunset. You will see the city covered in a mixture of orange and red that creates a peaceful calm that is both breathtaking and beautiful. Next you will witness New York fire up a light show that is second only to Las Vegas. 

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